In response to homelessness, Family Promise of Lycoming County brings the faith community together to help families regain their housing, their independence, and their dignity. FPLC is a non-profit organization that works with a partnership network of congregations within a community that aims to help children and their families who are facing homelessness.  In addition to serving local homeless families, we offer an opportunity for volunteers of all faiths to work to reduce homelessness and transform lives in our community.

In our program we have:

  • Homeless Prevention
  • Rotational Guests
  • Promise House
  • Clothing Closet
  • Food bank

Here at Family Promise of Lycoming County, we are committed to helping families without homes get back on their feet and find and maintain secure housing. If you are interested in helping us accomplish our goal of reducing homelessness in Williamsport and Lycoming County as a whole. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us!