Interested in Volunteering?

Have a passion to make a difference in your community? Consider putting your time and talent to good use with Family Promise. Volunteer opportunities include:

Day Center Office Angel: Volunteers are invaluable additions to the our Day Center. Office Angels help the director and case manager by answering phones, helping to bring in donations, completing some basic paperwork/data entry, cleaning, and reading to children.
We are currently in need of Office Angels. If you are interested, please call us at the Day Center.

Clothing Closets: Family Promise provides clothing for men, women, and children both in our program and in the community. The closets are stocked entirely by donations and is organized and stocked by volunteers. More information about our clothing closets is available on our Clothing Closets page.
Donations Pickup: We are currently in need of individuals willing to pickup larger donations (i.e. furniture and other heavy items) from donor’s houses and bring them to our storage facilities. Having a truck and/or trailer is helpful but not required. If you are willing to be on our call list, please call Melissa Magargle at the Day Center.

Dinner Preparation: Dinner is always a hot meal and can be prepared at a volunteer’s home or at the church (up to your church’s discretion) or take-out can be brought in as a treat for our guests. Volunteers are encouraged to sit and eat with our families in order to provide fellowship and friendship with our guests.
Dinner and Evening Host: Volunteers may be a part of the dinner time and arrive early if they like to socialize with the families. After dinner, you may want to conduct activities with the children such as crafts or popcorn and a movie or help with homework.

Overnight Hosts: At least two hosts are needed to spend the night (a married couple or two individuals of the same gender). The overnight hosts can spend time in fellowship with the families as well as helping with homework or assisting the families with any needs they may have. Overnight hosts also deal with late night emergencies and will wake the families up in the morning at 6:00AM to start preparing for the day.

Breakfast Preparation: On weekdays, breakfast is typically eaten at the Day Center. Those that have responsibilities early in the morning can be provided with muffins, cereal, toast, oatmeal, juice, coffee, and milk for the children. On the weekend, you may let the families sleep in on Saturday and fix a more formal breakfast, like bacon & eggs, pancakes, etc. The weekend mornings schedule is up to the church coordinator’s discretion.

Activities: The activities coordinator works to create activities that are age appropriate for the guests in the program during each host session. Events may include activities such as craft projects, video parties, and outings for children and families. We do not recommend investing a lot of money or time in activities as our guests are often tired and do not participate in these activities. However, simply activities should be available to entertain the children every night.

Coordinating Donations: Members of the congregation often wish to assist guests by donating clothing, furniture, and household items. A donation coordinator collects these donations and coordinates with Melissa Magargle, our director, to store them until they can be distributed to guests that have settled in permanent housing. This may involve picking up household items from individual’s homes and transporting them to a storage facility. A donation coordinator must be able to inspect donated items for appropriateness and cleanliness and decline receipt of items if they are not appropriate. Please see our “Wish List” page for a complete list of the kinds of items that we accept both for our Day Center and for our graduating guests.

Laundry: Looking for an opportunity to volunteer at home? Each host week, one or two volunteers wash the guests’ and overnight hosts’ sheets from the week before. All you have to do is pick-up the dirty laundry on Sunday night and bring it back to the church before the following Sunday morning.
Setup and Takedown: Volunteer teams set up the accommodations at the host church on
Sunday morning/afternoon and help take down and move the beds/cots to the next host congregation the following Sunday.