When Homelessness Strikes

A spouse cannot cope with the responsibility of a family anymore and leaves a 14-year marriage. The remaining spouse, left with a teenager who is a mother of an eight month old baby herself, has no money, no house, and no job. Left with no other choice, the three of them attempt to find a shelter to take them in.

A low-income family ‘s house catches fire and all their belongings are destroyed. The little insurance they had may rebuild the structure, but they cannot replace all their lost belongings. They end up living with a sister and her children in a cramped apartment.

A family suffers from corporate downsizing and the household breadwinner loses his job. They have a little in savings, but after four months of looking for work, the money is gone. One parent must stay home to attend to the three small children. They borrow money from family to last another month, but they do not know what to do next.

Who We Are

Family Promise of Lycoming County, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is affiliated with over 200 Family Promise networks nationwide. We provide shelter, meals, and intensive case management for families without homes by partnering with local churches, professional staff, social service organizations, and hundreds of volunteers. Our network of local churches provide much of our support, infrastructure, and volunteers. Through no fault of their own, families can find themselves without a home due to rising housing costs, the loss of employment, or a catastrophic illness. Our goal at Family Promise to help them get back on their feet by assisting them in finding employment and secure housing.

Our Mission

Family Promise of Lycoming County empowers families to become and remain self-sufficient by breaking the cycle of homelessness, providing community awareness and advocacy, and creating mission opportunities for individuals and faith based communities. We envision a society in which every family has a safe home, a sustainable livelihood, and the opportunity to build a better future for themselves and their community and strive to make this a reality – one family at a time.